Invited speakers

Invited speakers

Dr.  Shlomo  Alon

2009- until now, Member of the National Academy for Arabic in Nazareth,  Israel; An Executive Committee  Member 

2018- Senior Lecturer, Department of Arabic, Achva College

1986-2011 Head of Arabic & M.E. Studies, Israel Ministry of Education

 1978 – 2011  Senior Lecturer, Hebrew University, School of Education(Teachers Certificate for Teaching Arabic in Secondary Schools)

 1976-1985, Teacher of Arabic, Department of Arabic Language, University of Tel Aviv

Academic Education: PhD from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Dissertation: The sources of the dictionary  'Lisan al-Arab' by Ibn Manzur( M.A. research: The Linguistic Concepts of al-Farabi.

Greg Brooks is Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Sheffield, UK.

In an educational research career starting in 1977 he has researched and published widely on the initial teaching of literacy (including phonics), what works for those with literacy difficulties, family literacy, adult literacy, and trends in literacy attainment over time. All his life he has been fascinated by language and languages, and their influences on each other.

Greg Brooks is a member of Reading Hall of Fame.


Dr. William G. Brozo, Professor of Literacy in the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, USA

He is the author of numerous articles on literacy development for children and young adults, a contributing author to Pearson Common Core Literature, and Pearson iLit, a digital platform program for struggling adolescent readers. He is a past member of IRA's Commission on Adolescent Literacy, the Adolescent Literacy Committee, and past chair of the PISA/PIRLS Task Force.  He was a co-investigator on a Carnegie Grant team on best practice in adolescent literacy. 

As an international consultant, Dr. Brozo has provided technical support to teachers and teacher leaders from the Balkans to the Gulf.  He has been a member of a EU grant team BaCuLit and an expert evaluator of ELINET, a pan-European literacy policy network, currently as a board member. 

Dr. Brozo was also a member of the working groups of the Learning Metrics Task Force sponsored by UNESCO/Brookings and an advisor to the PISA 2018 Assessment Framework expert team for Pearson International. 



Gunilla Holm worked as professor in sociology of education at Western Michigan University 1989-2006. Holm became the Swedish professor of education (educational studies) at the bilingual University of Helsinki in 2006. In 2011, she started an early childhood teacher education program and in 2016, she started primary and secondary teacher education programs in Swedish at the University of Helsinki.

In 2013, Holm became the director of the Nordic Centre of Excellence in Education called Justice through Education (JustEd, Her research focused on the way school structures and processes contribute to the marginalization of students.

Holm has served on a variety of university committees and boards such as the European Educational Research Association board. She has also received the University of Helsinki award for advancing  equality and the Nyström award for scientific achievement. She was awarded the University of Buffalo Graduate School of Education Alumni Award in 2019.


Irene Käosaar, Director of the Estonian Integration Foundation


Irene Käosaar has been the Director of the Estonian Integration Foundation since 2017. Before this post, she worked at the Ministry of Education and Research as the head of the General Education Department and the Minorities Education Department. She is also a member of Estonian Integration Strategy Steering group and a member of Estonian Language Strategy Steering group.

In addition, she is a laureate of the President of the Republic`s Educational Award (2004) and a chevalier of the Order of the White Star (2013).


Dr Ieva Margeviča-Grinberga is the associated professor and leading researcher at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art, University of Latvia. She is the author of international publications about higher education and educational programs for decreasing social exclusion. Ieva Margeviča-Grinberga has been a visiting professor at numerous universities in Georgia, Mexico, Chile, Lithuania, Spain and Brazil. She leeds research projects and is one of the founders of RIAICES (A Red Iberoamericana de Investigación sobre la Calidad de la Educación Superior). She collaborates with partners from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico on research related to teacher training, social inclusion, reading skills, intercultural communication and higher education. Her current interests are related to competency-based higher education.