Abstract of Lyytinen

Heikki Lyytinen: Early identification and prevention of compromised acquisition of the basic reading skill

Two big studies will be summarized. One is based on the Jyväskylä Longitudinal study of Dyslexia (JLD) and the other on the work resulting in regiment of preventive training of children who are at risk of dyslexia whose detection the JLD offers valid tools.  The preventive training is based on a digital game based on GraphoLearn technology, which has been developed to help children to learn the basic reading skill in an enjoyable way - originally in Finland and today in more than 30 languages. It advices teachers in the identification of children who had to be motivated to use the game as a preventive training environment at the beginning of the first grade so that they would not need to face an experience of being different from their classmates in reading acquisition. Around 10 to 15 % of children in developed world and close to 100% in many African countries are in need of such support for learning the basic reading skill to reach the developmentally typical reading level. Our basic principle of developing the training regimen is that the efficiency of the implementation of the content to each reading environment/writing system has to-be documented by published empirical research. It advises users in each country how to get the full benefits from its dissemination to children and teachers. This presentation describes the 20 years process from the original idea of how reading acquisition can be compromised and then how to  overcome the related problems independent whether these are biologically based or due to insufficient instruction or social support  including the proceedings in making it open to-be distributed to global use as GraphoGame.